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2009 Membership Drive

We’re coming to the close of a very successful first year, but to ensure that HumIBA can continue and expand the positive community development that comes with supporting Humboldt’s independent businesses, we need to broaden our membership base. To that end, we are going to begin in earnest our 2009 Membership Drive, so please read the following and expect a call from one of our staff, volunteers, or business members encouraging you to join us as a Business Member!
Joining isn’t expensive!  While we encourage business owners to come in at regular membership, we do offer a $50/year intro membership, which works out to less than a cup of locally-brewed coffee a week! Even in tough economic times, that’s not too rough. You could easily recoup your membership fee by availing yourself of some of the discounts you’re eligible for from many of our busines members, and if you participate in even one of our shared advertising campaigns, you’ll save well over what it cost to join in the first place.

Regular Membership Annual Dues:
0 employees: $80 (~ the cost of a 16 oz cup of locally-brewed coffee/week)
1-5 employees: $100 (~ 20 oz cup of locally-brewed coffee/week)
6-15 employees: $120 (< a latte/week)
15+ employees: $160 (< a mocha/week)
Founding Membership (available through June 1): Any business that gives $250 or more in this first year (~double shot mocha with rasberry flavoring and whipped cream/week! Mmmmm….).

While we’re certainly not encouraging you to give up your preferred hot beverage for us (we’d feel bad taking business away from a member coffee shop!), we do want to put in perspective what it really costs to join with other indy biz owners to grow an organization that exists to engage in positive community development through supporting you.

We currently have 120 members and about 450 free-listers. If we can double the number of members (at an average of $80/biz/year), which would mean bringing on only 25% of our free-listers, we would have enough funds to hire on, at a reasonable salary, a full-time staff person, which is a huge step towards lasting sustainability. Scott currently gets a stipend of $350/month for the 30+ hrs a week of work he does for the IBA, an arrangement he will not be able to sustain beyond this summer, despite his passion for community development through independent businesses. Kaitlin’s work is in addition her duties as Executive Director of Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County.

A full-time staff member will be able to better serve HumIBA members by administering education/media to the general public, running a Buy Local First campaign, responding to member needs, and developing new projects to benefit you and our community. Independent Business Alliances are effective because of their ability to maintain momentum and build on it, and the presence of a dedicated, paid staff person is integral to that being possible – and to HumIBA taking it to the next level.

If you want to refresh your memory as to what we do and the potential we have, check the following info and links…
For a list of our member benefits:
For a list of our 2008 accomplishments:
Our current projects:
Collaborative (shared) advertising (
Local Options Independent Business Directory (
Community Education/Tabling
Upcoming: Independents Week, July 1-7 (
Upcoming: Indy Biz Mixers
Check out what other IBAs are doing:
Austin, TX:
Santa Fe, NM:
Albequerqe, NM:
Boulder, CO (the ORIGINAL!):
To join as a member:

Thanks so much for participating and considering membership!
Working together we can keep Humboldt vibrant, unique, and strong…


May 2009 Newsletter

  1. Save the Date: AEDC’s Spotlight on Success, May 20th, Arcata Theater Lounge
  2. Great Coverage in the Times-Standard
  3. Intern housing still needed!
  4. New Website to be launched in May/June
  5. Education and Outreach Update
  6. 2009 Membership Drive launched
  7. Directory distribution sites
  8. Step Up Program: Experience for youth, no-cost employees for you
  9. Next on the list: Mixers!
  10. Reminder: Stretch your ad dollars with shared advertising!
  11. News and Announcements now archived on-line

AEDC’s Spotlight on Success, May 20th

The last Spotlight on Success was a lot of fun, and this one looks to be even better! AEDC ( is a Founding Member, and you’re all invited to attend the event. It’s going to be at the Arcata Theater Lounge, which, as a brand new business in our area, not to mention an exciting overhaul of the Arcata Theater, should be very exciting. Be sure to call AEDC for your free tickets, and we’ll be there tabling for HumIBA!

The announcement is as follows:

Spotlight On Success! May 13th

AEDC’s Annual Celebration of

Small Business Success May 20th!

There’s no getting around it. It’s been a tough year for businesses all over.  Humboldt County, however, is home to a special breed of business owner . . .  Creative, persistent and constantly aware of how to do more with less. It’s worth celebrating.


Wednesday, May 20th — 5:30 to 7 p.m.

Call for your FREE tickets at (707) 822-4616.

Featuring a special presentation from the Small Business Administration to

Mary Keehn of Cypress Grove Chevre  — 2009 Small Business Person of the Year

Local Food Samples : Door Prizes : Music and Dancing : Business Displays and Demonstrations : Beer and Wine available for purchase

Help us shine the spotlight on success!

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Great coverage in the Times-Standard

Last week saw our press-release on the publishing of the Local Optionsdirectory get great placement on page A2, above the fold, in the Times-Standard. We got a lot of good responses from that article. Here’s the link to the article on our website, which is linked at the bottom to the original on the Times-Standard website:

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Intern housing still needed!

We’re excited to have another intern this summer whose work focus will be on the IBA! Claire Cahen attends Pomona College, a liberal arts school in Claremont, southern California. Claire will help HumIBA put on Independents Week 2009 (, assist us with community education and outreach, and help recruit new members.

Please see our announcement for more details:

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New Website to be launched May/June

Thanks again to Precision Intermedia, we’re going to be launching a revamped website within the next month! While it will look basically the same, as a Drupal content-management system, the functionality will be far superior, including a system which will allow all listers/members to have access to their listings with a user name/password combination, a place for you to upload your logos and images, and, best of all, and auto-generated on-line directory with tags and keywords that will allow users to search for specific goods and services.

With the tags and keywords, we can say goodbye to the “I don’t know which independent businesses have those products” argument for Big-Box shopping! If all of you are able to compile a comprehensive list of your products and services to cut-and-paste into the new system, we’ll be able to make it much easier for folks to come to you for those things. It’s not that folks don’t want to support local and indy, it’s just that it often takes more research and effort to find out where stuff is available.

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Education and Outreach Update

Scott and our generous HumIBA volunteers have been tabling events the last two weekends. First was the Redwood Empire Artists, Crafters, and Handworkers (REACH) Spring Fever Festival, and this last weekend was the Blue Ox May Day event. We’ve had a few more businesses sign up for free-listings, not to mention a couple of members come out of the work. We’ve been able to speak to a lot of people about the IBA, and have made some good connections in the process. The ongoing exposure is helping to get the Hum Indy Biz brand out there and into the thoughts of Humboldt County’s residents.

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2009 Membership Drive launched

Yesterday our listers received an e-mail announcing our 2009 Membership Drive. We hope to grow the organization enough to be able to hire on a full-time, paid staff member to help us do even more. If you didn’t see the announcement, you can see it on-line, here:

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Directory distribution sites

If you’re in need of directories, NuGames in Arcata has a stock of them, as well as Signature Coffee in Redway. If you can’t make it out there, let us know, and we’ll do our best to get you some!

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Step Up Program: No-cost summer employees

We saw this in the Small Business Development Center newsletter, and thought we should pass it along: 

“Last year, approximately two dozen young people participated in Step Up for Youth, which provides job opportunities to youths who are at risk in some way.  This year, over 100 (possibly 200) youth can participate, due to federal stimulus funds.  The employer provides a job during the summer and–of critical importance–attentive mentorship.  The County pays the wages and insurances.  Interested folks should contact:

Laura Chancellor
StepUp Program Coordinator
(707) 445-6226

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Next on the list: Mixers

We’ve been getting feedback that folks would like to have more opportunities to interact with other HumIBA members, so plans are in the works to begin setting up mixers. If you’d like to provide a space for the mixer, donate some snacks, or help out in arranging it, let Scott know at

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Reminder: Stretch your advertising dollars! Shared advertising packages

Want to do advertising, but not sure you can afford it? Need to cut back your advertising, but want to keep your name out there? Remember that, as HumIBA members, you can participate in our collaborative advertising packages.  We have both radio, through KHUM/Lost Coast Communications, and TV, through Eureka Television Group. Next on the list is print advertising through the North Coast Journal!

Check the details and see samples of both the radio and TV spots here (

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Old News and Announcements now On-line

Our old E-News and Announcements are now available on-line, if you want to refer back to them.  They are available here (

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